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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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You will find Jackson Pollock prints to be amongst the most popular of all the different artists available, particularly with the younger generations who are more likely to prefer contemporary art over more traditional artistic styles.

Many of those looking to buy art products to hang in their own homes will treat these items as aesthetic treats rather than worrying about any particular back story regarding each artwork. Therefore, Pollock's style was immediately accessible with its wild swipes of colour and activity. Anyone could visit and appreciate the piece without having to understand who produced it or why they worked in that way. That said, there are still plenty who go for more traditional art, but one also has to consider the style of your own home in order to find items that are best suited. In this short article we will also discuss how you might customise your print, as there are a number of different options available in that regard, as well as finding cheaper prints and products for those on tighter budgets.

Art history shows us how styles have changed considerably over time, with even landscape art being a genre that was only relatively recently accepted in its own right, in Europe at least. Portraiture and religious art would dominate previously to that and whilst the technical skills found within the Renaissance and Baroque eras were extraordinary, many now prefer the abstract work of 20th century artists. The use of classical sculpture has also been replaced with more quirky installations that have become much harder to categorise because of the greater variety in both their content and also style. Some also like to order prints of photographs of famous paintings whilst they are out on display, with this working particularly well with famous sculptures, such as Michelangelo's David, for example.

Jackson Pollock is most famous for his oil drip technique, and most of his best known works would be produced using these techniques. The main variation between these paintings would be around the colours of paint chosen, and that then allows us to decide which artwork best suits our own taste, as well as matching the existing colour scheme within the room in which the print is intended to be hung. Many contemporary homes are also fairly minimalist and as such can suit some of this artist's busy paintings, which can dominate and lift a room, with everything else being fairly subtle by contrast. Compare that to older wallpaper styles and this type of painting would simply be too much, clashing and leaving too much activity within the room. As such, there is no such thing as the ideal art print for everyone, it all comes down to where it is to be placed as well as what you yourself like the most.

Once you have found your favourite art print, it is time to consider where to buy it from, and how to customise it. There are many online retailers available, but it is always best to choose one relatively local to you, if one is available. This will help to keep down shipping costs, which can be considerable depending on the type of product that you choose. For example, once a frame has been added, plus possibly a small card that lies between frame and artwork, then suddenly the postage costs can rise considerably. You will be notified of these costs prior to ordering, but any import taxes may come as a surprise if you choose to buy from abroad. Much will depend on the options available to you, but always consider these potential issues before ordering. Most major western countries will have several retailers with Pollock paintings within their selections, so a small bit of research online should uncover them fairly quickly.

There is a good variety of Pollock's work to choose from, for those retailers who have acquired the necessary copyright permissions. Those interested in this artist's career will also like related artists such as those from the abstract expressionist movement. Some things to consider include Rothko prints and also Basquiat prints, with the latter providing some exciting graffitti art from an urban and afro-carribbean perspective. The 20th century marked a point at which it became acceptable to work in pretty much anyway that an artist would choose, and normally there would be some market for this style. A greater acceptance of our differences was an important element of the world becoming more connected and knowledgeable about cultures and civilisations all around the globe. That continues ever onwards, with a merging of cultures bringing out all manner of new ideas and fusions of the old.

For those with more diverse tastes, you might also consider some of the other notable contemporary artists who were not directly a part of the Abstract movements. For example, Frida Kahlo prints continue to be highly popular, because of the talents of this Mexican surrealist artist, but also because of her iconic image in the eyes of many young women who see the struggles that she fought through in order to become one of the most famous artists in history. There are also some who are not actually concerned at all by the creator, but purely in the image itself and so may go for fairly standard images of their favourite items, be it animals, landscapes or something similar. These are readily available and also potentially have little or no copyright attached, making them potentially cheaper.

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