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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Jackson Pollock was a gifted American painter who in 1947 created Enchanted Forest, one of his most significant paintings

He was the most influential with the Abstract Expressionists and, consequently, helped to shape America's role in the rise of this critical art movement.

Pollock did a lot of paintings, all of them being extreme abstractions, a style that increased after the Enchanted Forest. He, however, checked himself on the frequency of this, being mindful that it might affect his gallery sales negatively.

He had some concern as well about his peers and all who were interested in art to a greater or lesser extent finding the transition to his style too fast. Jackson Pollock was also known for his drip paintings.

Coverage of these helped to develop other artists, which, in turn, gave Pollock greater recognition that he neither sought nor especially enjoyed.

The Enchanted Forest painting is a maze of black swirling on a grayish background superimposed upon figures in various shades of dark black and brown.

There is some red as well in the painting. Being so richly filled with content it can hold one's attention and consideration for quite a long time.

Although the Enchanted Forest Painting was very well received, Convergence, however, a colorful painting, was the most popular of Jackson Pollock's paintings. It would fit well with most home decors.

Paul Jackson Pollock (his full name) dealt with many problems throughout his life, which, as time went by, kept increasing his addiction to alcohol. His drinking was generally considered to have led to his death by a car accident at the young age of 44.