Unlike some of his later, more colourful, works which used bright metallic and enamel paints to create an eye catching effect, Untitled 4 can be described as a more muted piece.

A monochrome piece, created by means of the techniques of engraving and drypoint, Untitled 4 is both simple and complex, subtle and outstanding.

The carefully drawn lines and curves of this artwork give the piece a real sense of geometry. The use of shading on the other hand, which is often done very finely, also suggests older and more traditional drawing techniques such as chiaroscuro.

It is this balancing of sharp lines and deep shades, of traditional drawing skill with a modernist yearning for abstract forms, that perhaps makes this such a great art work.

Pollock is well known for creating a new genre of art in the US, known as Abstract Expressionism. It can certainly be said of Untitled 4 that it is a very abstract work.

The forms in this piece do suggest a medley of human figures, perhaps with a single figure towering above them to the left of the print. However, it is also undeniably true that at their heart these figures are abstract ones.

It is also important to think about how Untitled 4 fits in with the rest of the works in this Untitled series. Firstly, its monochrome hue is echoed throughout the series.

Though some works may have a simpler and cleaner design (notably Untitled 3 which features much more blank paper as compared to the frantic lines of Untitled 4), all the Untitled paintings have a similar tendency to favour heavy monochromes.