Stealing one glance at it will instantly get you connected to the art. In Fresh Eggs, Winslow captures the moment within a day of the farmers residing in the countryside. Within the frame of the painting lays an old canvas with a beautiful picture of a maid dressed in a black dress with white spots.

The maid's dress has brown gauze clothing. There is also a c*ck with dark and brown feathers in the painting, which coincidentally matches the color of the maid's dress. This style of painting is typical of Winslow Homer.

An unfamiliar tool is placed in front of the maid. The maid who has a brown hair neatly tied-up on her head faces away from you, leaving her back exposed to you. She picks up eggs from the chicken nest while placing it into the egg basket held in her left hand.

The maid has placed the egg basket on a wooden barrel that is close to a wooden frame running across the wall. On the right side of the maid is a mountain of straw. The straw extends from the floor to the roof. Some straw is used to cover the coop. The c*ck stands behind the maid, looking at her as she picks up eggs and putting them on the basket. It appears as if this is what the c*ck does daily.

There are some paintings made on the black wall that gives the art a whole new level of liveliness. Some light forces its way through the cracks on the wall—a significant amount of light floods in through the door. Winslow Homer used different colors to paint a vivid picture of life in the countryside. Winslow coordinated all the colors well to make the painting as revealing as it would ever need to be.

You will have a comfortable and joyful feel as you look at the painting. The style used in the oil painting of Fresh Eggs is known as realism. Apart from Fresh Eggs, Winslow Homer is known for, 'A Parisian Ball Dancing at the Casino,' 'A Bivouac Fire on the Potomac,' and 'A Cadet Hop at West Point.'

Fresh Eggs in Detail Winslow Homer