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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Winslow Homer prints represent some of the best examples of American art from the 19th and early 20th century, with Winslow Homer specialising in paintings and prints from the watercolour and oil on canvas mediums.

This famous artist also produced many drawings and wood engravings of note. Simiarly to Andy warhol, this artist made his name initially as a commercial artist before developing a career in painting and printmaking. Homer prints are famous for offering attractive and busy seascapes from the American seas of the 19th and 20th century and this topic fills many of the most famous Homer prints available to buy online. The links below will take you to his best known painting, Fog Warning, plus a gallery of many of his other best prints. All are available to buy there for our recommended art retailer, who we ourselves use on a regular basis.

Those interested in adding art prints to their own homes will have a whole plethora of options available to them around how to customise their final product. For example, they might choose to select a frame for their work which helps to give a more professional finish to their artwork. Within that, you can select different types of frames, from elaborate styles to simpler pieces. You may go for a wooden or plastic frame, or perhaps metallic. Many colours can also be picked from. We generally suggest going with a simple black wooden frame with a small inlay matt which keeps the artwork and frame apart. These are the most suitable options for an artist of this style.

The links above will take you through to hundreds of Homer prints available to buy from a huge Homer prints gallery, offering all of his best works at great prices. Many are available as tapestries, stretched canvases and framed or unframed art prints and posters, at different sizes and with all sorts of choices of frames to pick from. Winslow Homer is known to have influnced recent artists such as Frederic Remington, Robert Henri, Howard Pyle and N. C. Wyeth, among others. His legacy will remain strong thanks to his production of oil on canvas paintings which are now are the most popular with art buyers around the world looking to buy reproductions or prints of the originals.

Winslow Homer's paintings have been broadly classified under the art movement of realism, joining the likes of Gustave Caillebotte. Homer remains an artist that is seen as original and a great example in the field of seascape / seaview paintings. These make great additions to homes and people still love to buy them, thus Homer's career should retain it's fame. Seascape and countryside landscape paintings have now replaced traditional portraits as the first choice for modern art buyers, though tastes are generally very varied now and there is room for all sorts of different art movements to achieve success.

Those who enjoy the seascape paintings of Winslow Homer are likely to also follow other famous American artists, of which we include in a list below:

  • Albert Bierstadt
  • Mary Cassatt
  • John Singer Sargent
  • Winslow Homer
  • Georgia O'Keeffe
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  • Winslow Homer
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You can see a full list of other well known Winslow Homer prints below:

  • The Fog Warning
  • Home, Sweet Home
  • Inviting a Shot before Petersburg, Virginia
  • Snap the Whip
  • Breezing Up
  • Waiting for the Start
  • Boys in a Pasture
  • Gulf Stream
  • The Blue Boat
  • Fishing Schooner Nassau
  • Wall Nassau
  • Boy Fishing
  • In the Mowing
  • Palm Tree
  • Gloucester Mackerel Fleet
  • The Country School
  • Summer Night
  • Exotic Island
  • St Johns River Florida
  • Eight Bells
  • The Veteran in a New Field
  • Gloucester Harbor
  • Garden in Nassau
  • Three Boys in a Dory
  • The Red Canoe
  • Oranges on a Branch
  • Gloucester Schooners and Sloop
  • Shore at Bermuda
  • On the Fence
  • On the Beach
  • Boating in Adirondacks
  • Prisoners from the Front
  • Sailing the Catboat
  • Dressing for the Carnival
  • Watching the Tempest
  • Fisherwoman
  • Mending the Nets
  • The Life Line
  • Sponge Fishing, Nassau
  • Street Corner, Santiago de Cuba
  • Summer Night
  • Mink Pond
  • The Woodcutter
  • The End of the Hunt
  • Hunter in the Adirondacks
  • The Fox Hunt
  • The Adirondack Guide
  • Canoe in the Rapids
  • A Wall, Nassau
  • The Turtle Pound
  • Hurricane, Bahamas
  • The Gulf Stream
  • On a Lee Shore
  • West Point, Prout's Neck, Maine
  • Cape Trinity, Saguenay River
  • Right and Left