His important work was published in 1857 with each of his art telling a different story. In 1873 in Massachusetts, he began his watercolour painting and in 1878 he painted The Milk Maid art. In this art he showed his interest in exploring the country side ideally the farm life in rural area. The milk maid which was drawn on wove paper over a graphite has the following dimensions: height of 50.3 and a width of 36.1cm and it is current location is in the national gallery Art in Washington DC. This art represents a beautiful picture of a lady in a colourful pink dress holding both a bucket in one hand and in the other hand she had a stool and she is surrounded by the domestic animals bringing such a beautiful look.

He remarkably enjoyed solitude which provided him with inward insight, especially in his studio and the beautiful sight of the sea outside his house. He lived with his family in Belmont and his uncle's mansion “Homer house” provided some of inspiration for his paintings at the beginning of his art work. He moved to the New York where he got lessons from Frederic Rondel a landscape painter who provided him with some fundamental insight about art that also influenced his style. His mother being a water-colorist wanted to send him to further his skills but he joined the civil war where he drew about the battle.

He also found inspiration from his summer vacations that he even tried about his watercolor medium producing such sentimental arts. His work immensely inspired so many upcoming American artist through his great interpretation of man’s relationship with nature's landscapes, sea experiences and the life in rural areas. Though he never worked in any school many students were encouraged to study about his work and use is work as a source of motivation.

Some of his other best work include:

  • One of his greatest and his enormous work was the1893 The fox hunt which was his first painting in American museum collection
  • His 1991 art A Huntsman and Dogs
  • Gulf stream in 1899
  • Undertow in 1886 where rescuers are trying to save women from being carried by the waves
  • West point, Prouts neck in 1900-in this art he combines the sea and sun set painted 15 minutes after sunset