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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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In the Sierras is a painting that was created by artist Albert Bierstadt in 1868 in the United States of America. The work is characteristic of the sweeping landscapes that Bierstadt was renowned for in his artistic work.

Like many of his other well-known works, In the Sierras is set amongst the natural beauty of the American west of the 1800s.

A Description of Albert Bierstadt's In the Sierras

Albert Bierstadt's landscape painting In the Sierras depicts a stunning scene that is set in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of the American west. Prominent features of the work include a mountain valley with a lake at its center and mountains rising in the distance. In the foreground, there are trees as well as a rocky shoreline on the lake. The background is dominated by mountain peaks that continue to ascend upward. They include a prominent snow-covered peak that comes to a pronounced point.

The tallest mountain peak is set amongst cloud cover that hovers over the entire landscape though there is also the presence of sunlight that is shining down toward the back of the lake and the beginning of the mountains. The artist's monogram can be seen on the bottom right-hand corner of the painting and appears as AB 68. The dimensions of In the Sierras include a width of 40.6 cm and a height of 33 cm.

Where Is Albert Bierstadt's In the Sierras Currently on View?

In the Sierras by Albert Bierstadt can currently be viewed on level 3 of the University Study Gallery at the Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum in room 3620. The museum is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the United States of America. The work's accession year is 1940 and it is listed under object number 1940.299. It was presented to the Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum as a gift from its last private owners Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Haines Curtiss.

Additional Facts About In the Sierras By Albert Bierstadt

In the Sierras has an extensive publication history that includes its presence in the 1966 book Luminous Landscape: The American Study of Light, 1860-1875 and the 1974 book Albert Bierstadt: Painter of the American West by Gordon Hendricks. The painting's exhibition history includes its inclusion in the Brooklyn Museum of Art's Take Care: The Conservation of Paintings where it was displayed from January 18, 1954, until February 28, 1954.