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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Many artists like Albert Bierstadt draw their inspiration from nature, whether land or seascapes, rivers or forests.

Albert Bierstadt, born near Dusseldorf in 1830, was just 2 when his family moved from Germany to Massachusetts. He produced his first oil painting at the age of 21. Loving the use of vivid colours in nature, he became one of the most popular artists of the American West.

A Love for Mountains

The young Albert Bierstadt studied art intensely and produced some wonderful sketches and drawing of the Alps. A government expedition which followed the Oregon Trail was a huge source of inspiration for him and his observations became a source of ideas for future artwork for him. The variety of wildlife he encountered, the beautiful scenery as well as historic events would influence his future paintings and cause them to be highly prized and to be found in museums around the world. His landscapes with intense detail and dramatic lighting meant the artist would enjoy great success and recognition.

He was a prolific artist, having completed hundreds, if not thousands of paintings during his lifetime. His Light in the Forest painting is a sought after museum-quality fine art canvas print ready for shipping and which will fit into a ready-made frame of your choice. Light in the Forest is guaranteed to enhance any wall, whether at home or the office. Painted by one of the world's most skilled landscape painters, it glows with peace and wonder, portraying a glorious sunset over a tranquil lake with a couple of wide deer.