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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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In Sierra Nevada Morning, Bierstadt keenly reinforces the theme of romanticism by focusing on both mild and powerful elements of nature, emotion, imagination, and the untainted beauty of the West.

With oil on canvas, Albert figuratively illustrates sublime yet meaningful compositions of the beautiful Western America sceneries. He achieves further excellence by combining inanimate and animate life-forms in the most spectacular presentation. At first glance, Sierra Nevada is an exhibition of colorful trees, beautiful waters, and a herd of deer. However, a closer look reveals the brilliant magic of morning light on towering rocks and waterfall and the heavenly display of distant mountains standing aloft, with their snow-covered tops calmly piercing through dense, white clouds.

The captivation never ends. Three deer are standing close to the vast pool of blue waters that stretch far beyond the bushy trees. The three bucks are at peace with the serene surrounding and overall tranquility echoed by the water, still trees, clouds, and warm sunlight. The rising sun illuminates the rocky landscape and the waterfall stretching from the horizon. Albert carefully adds detailed, magnificent aspects to the painting, such as the surreal reflections of the waterfall and rocks on the still waters. Unlike Impressionist and Expressionist styles that focus on highlighting close details with visible brushstrokes, Bierstadt’s luminism technique emphasizes keenness with more accurate textures to reveal natural forms of life in their most authentic designs. The Sierra Nevada is a manifestation of the interconnection between nature and art. The painting unveils the exquisite tenderness of life and preserves the majestic aspects of nature in the most original composition.

Albert Bierstadt’s painting of Sierra Nevada is among his many works that depict luminism. Albert used this contemporary style in his painting to recreate natural sceneries with precision, sublimity, clarity, and spirituality. Every aspect of Bierstadt’s piece reveals little evidence of brushwork due to his impressive ability to graduate light and texture on objects both near and beyond. Albert Bierstadt began painting this masterpiece in 1871 and completed the work in 1873. Essentially, the painter got his inspiration from romanticism. This ideology dared him to journey across the Wild West to explore the beauty around Mount Whitney. As a result, Albert recorded his perspectives on the fascinating wildlife surrounding the Nevadas through art. Currently, Sierra Nevada Morning is displayed in the prestigious Gilcrease museum in Oklahoma. In the late 20th Century, this painting contributed to the interpretation of Western landscapes and wildlife preservation. Besides, it’s one of the most skillful depictions of nature in a serene, emotional, and most vivid representation.