The Chair Car being one such painting. In this painting we see a typically American chair car with four people within the space, all of whom are sat alone in the space. However, this painting is far from realistic.

There are two women who are at the forefront of the image. One lady is apparently reading something, but we are unsure as to whether it is a book, newspaper or notes.

The second lady appears to be looking out into space. Is the thinking about something or is she trying to find out what the other lady is reading? Her intentions and thoughts are not clear. What is abundantly clear from her expression and posture is that she is somewhat unsettled and clearly not happy.

There are two people located in the background of the painting, but we are unable to see their faces or understand how they feel about being in the chair car. The environment that is created is not a pleasant one.

The space is quite dark with no decoration and the only light that is in the room is from the windows that ls on one side of the painting. What one feels when looking at this painting is that of unease, loneliness and hostility.

This is created from the drab surroundings and the fact that the four people within the space are lost in their own worlds. Isolation seems to be the central theme of the painting. The four individuals are isolated from each other and it would also seem that they are isolated from their own reality.