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Posters work beautifully with the bold, clear style of Hopper's Realist world

Edward Hopper remains one of the most popular choices for art print reproductions, and those with smaller budgets, or simply a desire to add minimalistic art products to their homes, could consider Hopper posters.

All of his key work is available as posters, at very competitive prices. They are ideal for quick makeovers, with the opportunity to fill your home with his work for a very low price.

Edward Hopper is an inspirational American painter who was heavily involved in the realism art movement of the 20th century and is most famous for his Nighthawks painting which you can see below as part of a large gallery of his best paintings for your interest. Alongside these images of Edward Hopper's paintings is also good detailed information about the life and career of this influential American painter who was well remembered for his atmospheric scenes. You may like to find more Edward Hopper paintings here.

Edward Hopper had a very recognisable style which drew on his American roots and typically involved calming scenes with just a few characters set against an interesting choice of background which could be either a landscape or set within a city. Edward Hopper would carefully pick his models to make sure that these significant characters would complete each painting in the right way and the style of his work was particularly classical and has been loosely termed as realism.

Edward Hopper is a good example of how American art had risen to new heights by the 20th century having previously been trailing far behind Europeans from the likes of France, Spain and Italy. America can now claim to be at the forefront of contemporary art and painters such as Edward Hopper helped to change the perceptions of American art to the respected status which it now enjoys.

Americans have a great passion for art and are amongst the biggest online buyers of reproductions currently, making American artists now highly sought after and Edward Hopper is seen as one of the most important of these thanks to the charming style of his work which seems to appeal to many in the mainstream art public who find Edward Hopper paintings very accessible and honest. A similar example in the modern era is Jack Vettriano whose paintings hold a similar atmosphere and concentration on just one or two figures in a classic style. Scottish artist Vettriano looks likely to achieve similar success to Edward Hopper.

Gas is amongst the best known paintings from Edward Hopper and carefully captures a typical scene from rural America which will appeal to many art fans. The night setting allows Edward Hopper to experiment with lighting in this particular painting, as most others were set within clear light and just taking advantage of shadows created by local architecture. Gas also does not include any people at all, which was unusual for this painter, and so the full focus is placed on the petrol station office whose lights are teasingly on.

Edward Hopper managed to find angles from which to create his paintings which often make people feel like they too are in the painting when viewing it. The angles are carefully chosen and make you feel some familiarity to the scene that the artist sets out. Hopper's use of just a few characters also make most of his paintings feel very personal and allows a connection between the viewer and the models depicted in each work. Those interested in Hopper paintings can find more information here.

Willem de Kooning, Jim Dine, and Mark Rothko are just a few of the artists who have become worldwide names who have taken considerable inspiration into their work from Edward Hopper whose affect on America's art scene was huge. Interestingly, even painters with quite different styles to Hopper's classic realism methods were still significantly influenced by, and admirers of, his work. American realist Andrew Wyeth has also gone on to achieve huge success as a painter but it is important to recognise the main difference between their work which is Hopper's lack of precise detail which added to the atmospheric feeling in most of his paintings.

All of the images and photos of Edward Hopper paintings included within this website are accompanied by links to the Art.com Edward Hopper prints gallery where there are hundreds of his finest original paintings available to buy as reproduction giclee art prints, posters or stretched canvases. We have bought copies of Hopper paintings from Art.com ourselves and they are certainly the leading retailer online, with a great customer services.

Nighthawks is an inspired painting which remains prominent in modern media such as films and TV cartoons which have offered their own versions of the Nighthawks scene. The focus of this painting is the city bar which features several groups of people all contemplating their lives whilst the area outside remains empty. Hopper was always able to build exceptional atmospheres within his paintings and followed this style across most of his best known oil paintings. You can also read more about Edward Hopper Nighthawks here.

Edward Hopper produced a great number of works within his career, most following along his classic style of painting. Despite this huge amount of choice, his fans tend to prefer just a handful and these remain amongst the most reproduced paintings within America, where most of his fans still remain. Nighthawks is certainly the most popular, with Gas also highly significant, and then a collection of around 20 art works following closely behind.

American realism artists have created a highly respected portfolio of work thanks to the likes of Edward Hopper and also Andrew Wyeth. Their art seems to appeal directly to the masses and is far away from the abstract movements which also came about during this century, which people tend to have much more polarised opinions on. This realism art seems to strike a good balance between the topics of traditional art with portraits and landscapes but with a mildly more contemporary finish that makes them relevant at the same time.

List of Famous Edward Hopper

Please see below for a summarised list of the best Klee paintings that are featured throughout this website.

  • Painter and Model
  • Bridge in Paris
  • Le Pont des Arts
  • Après-midi de juin
  • Les lavoirs à Pont Royal
  • Louvre and Boat Landing
  • The El Station
  • Summer Interior
  • The Louvre in a Thunderstorm
  • Le Pont Royal
  • Le Quai des Grands Augustins
  • Le pavillon de Flore
  • The Wine Shop
  • American Village
  • Squam Light
  • Queensborough Bridge
  • Soir bleu
  • Road in Maine
  • Blackhead, Monhegan
  • Stairways
  • Night Shadows
  • The New York Restaurant
  • Michigan restaurant
  • Railroad Crossing
  • The Mansard Roof
  • The Locomotive
  • House by the Railroad
  • Self-Portrait
  • Sunday
  • Drug Store
  • Lighthouse Hill
  • Coast Guard Station
  • Automat
  • The City
  • Night Windows
  • Manhattan Bridge Loop
  • Railroad Sunset
  • The Lighthouse at Two Lights
  • Chop Suey
  • Early Sunday Morning
  • Tables for Ladies
  • Corn Hill (Truro, Cape Cod)
  • House in Provincetown
  • Cobb's Barns, South Truro and Hartford
  • Dauphinée House
  • Room in New York
  • House at Dusk
  • The Long Leg
  • Macomb's Dam Bridge
  • The Circle Theater
  • Cape Cod Afternoon
  • Compartiment C, Car
  • Cape Cod Evening
  • Ground Swell
  • Gas
  • Office at Night
  • Nighthawks
  • Dawn in Pennsylvania
  • Hotel Lobby
  • Summertime
  • Solitude
  • Morning in a City
  • Rooms for Tourists
  • August in the City
  • West Palm Beach
  • Summer Evening
  • Pennsylvania Coal Town
  • Seven AM
  • High Noon
  • Conference at Night
  • Cape Cod Morning
  • Rooms by the Sea
  • Morning Sun
  • Hotel by a Railroad
  • Sea Watchers
  • Office in a Small City
  • South Carolina Morning
  • Hotel Window
  • Four Lane Road
  • Western Motel
  • Sunlight in a Cafeteria
  • Excursion into Philosophy
  • Second Story Sunlight
  • People in the Sun
  • A Woman in the Sun
  • New York Office
  • Sun in an Empty Room
  • Chair Car
  • Two Comedians