Nighthawks is one of Hopper's most famous paintings, but he is also known for Chop Suey, Automat, Early Sunday Morning, and Office in a Small City. Hopper was influenced by many painters during his lifetime and spent a few years in Europe as well in order to study art.

His time in Paris did not seem to influence him very much aesthetically, though he did show some similarities to Charles Méryon's works.

Hill and Houses, Cape Elizabeth, Maine was painted in 1927. The painting shows two houses, both on a hill. The house in relief is below the other one, which is further up on the hill.

There is also a lighthouse. This painting is one of Hopper's watercolours, with which he worked extensively. The inspiration for this painting comes from the time when Hopper and his wife began spending their summers in Cape Elizabeth after buying a car. During this time, Hopper painted a lot of scenes.

The two houses in Hill and Houses, Cape Elizabeth, Maine belonged to the coast guard men, and Hopper was intrigued by the isolation of their lives. The upper house is where Captain Upton lived while the lower house belonged to Captain Berry.

During his vacation, Hopper painted a great many works based on this theme. He has around 90 works from his time in Maine.