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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Edward Hopper was born in 1882 to an average family. He later became one of the most prominent American artists. His oil paintings are the ones that gained most popularity but he was an excellent printmaker and watercolourist.

He was, however, more famous for his very unique view of the modern American society and lifestyle.

Edwards father was a very intelligent man and his mother was from an artistic family. Edward showed his abilities by drawing at a very young age of five years. His parents were very supportively supplying him with some of the materials he needed for his art. By the time he was in his teenage years he had learned to work with charcoal and how to use oil to draw.

The Hotel window

Edward Hopper said that the Hotel Window was an improvision of what he had seen. In the image, he portrays a very elegant woman seated on a couch in a hotel lobby. Edward said that the hotel was not a specific hotel. The woman is seen to be staring out into the darkened window.

Some people have speculated that the woman who is an older woman seems to be lonely seated in the lobby. The painting became so popular that it was sold for 26 million in 2006. This was way past its estimated price of 10 million. The painting has been showcase severally in America and beyond.

The painting of the 'Hotel window' was painted in 1955 and is still talked about to date. it is a good example of how Edward Hopper explored the Isolation and loneliness of the urban life, especially in the 20th century. People have very different view on Edward Hopper;s art but they agree that he was very talented and bold as an artist.

Edward Hopper has been known for his very outrageous and very disturbing art at times. The characters he painted seems to appear very lonely and as if they live in a world that people do not interact. They seem not to want to be disturbed or even approached. His art is known to evoke some very serious questions on human beings and their relationships.