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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Edward Hopper (1882 - 1967) painted Seven AM early in his artistic career. This print depicts a fairly large and solidly built house in, basically, monochromatic colouring.

The house in Seven AM looks inviting and somewhat at odds with his portrayal of alienation in everyday life and his early realistic depictions of stark urban and rural scenes, deserted streets, half empty theaters, isolated railroad tracks and dreary rooming houses.

This picture gives no indication of the drama in the ordinary across time and setting, which is somewhat moving and melancholic.

Artistic realism, which is found more in traditional art, involves honesty, accuracy and avoids unnecessary interpretation. An example of this is the well-known painting by Edward Hopper called Gas that depicts a regular rural American area.

He was, however, most famous for his Nighthawks painting. He liked to paint atmospheric scenes and to use oils. Hopper was considered to be an inspirational American painter. He pursued the realism art movement of the 20th century with a degree of passion that did much for its advancement.

Edward Hopper attended the New York School of Art from 1900 - 1906 where his art style was undoubtedly influenced by his teachers. He would, however, continue to paint people in rural settings regardless of the increasing popularity of abstract expressionism.

Edward Hopper, inspite of his significant personal problems, helped to change the viewpoints of American art to a heightened level.