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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Lady with Hat and Feather Boa

Artist Gustav Klimt painted the Lady With Hat and Feature Boa, showcases a beautiful array of dark emotions to showcase the significance of the oil on canvas piece. The origins behind the painting remain unknown, however adds to cultivate the piece.

The painting manifests a glimpse of the elegant face of a woman, covered in a rich black fabric around her neck. Woman as a bright orange hair the swirls out of her roots and long curls, adding a pop of colour to the painting. The artist had successfully painted these beautiful curls through lash brush strokes that curve the canvas in every direction. The focal point of the piece is the woman's face, staring directly to the left side as something new meets her soft gaze.

The woman's eyebrows are lightly arch in a deep rich colour that cultivates the texture of her face, with her own small eyes seeking into the distance. The woman's eyes are darkly coloured, yet are not easily able to be witnessed throughout the piece. The woman's rosy cheeks are coloured in a light orange and pink tone, which adds a little bit of colour to her pale complexion. From the bottom of her face the viewer is able to witness a little glimpse of her lips, which are cherry red coloured to accentuate her hair.

Symbolism behind the large top had that the woman wears is to show her luxurious well, at the time of the 20th century. The woman obtains a mysterious feel as she covers her face with the black clock she is covered in. Black cloak for the woman uses to wrap her self around seems to be made up of a black fur. This gives off the spontaneous a feel of the woman as she looks into the horizon away from the viewer. The wealthy fabric covers her body, while use in the black tone to illustrate a serious emotion she feels within.

The artist had to use the style of art nouveau, while incorporating different elements of impressionism, and a few minor realist techniques to add to the peice. As the origins of the portrait remain unknown, it is most likely that the woman depicted in the painting desired for the artist to paint a self-portrait of her. Or perhaps the piece is one of the artist favourite models, however felt that the work was not prominent enough to be showcased.

The background textures behind the woman are bright colours of red and blue to show the wealthy setting in which the painting is based in. Based on the background, it seems as if the painting is said in a restaurant, or perhaps the artist had set up a specific area within his studio. Dark curtains have been used throughout the work in order for the artist to find a dark light to illuminate the face of the spontaneous woman. While the painting lacks an immense amount of historical explanation, it's still creates a great topic of conversation within Gustav Klimt's work.