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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Landscape of a Garden

Landscape of a Garden by the prominent artist, Gustav Klimt, illustrates a impressionism landscape painting that showcases his style at the time.

The painting illustrates the landscape of the garden as a transforms into and then a long in-depth piece. The artists use an array of small brush strokes throughout his work to showcase a minor amount of detail in each and every single form. The colour schemes used for the painting are bright green's accompanied by lighter yellows and light blues throughout the work.

The impression the style that the artist used within the piece, Landscape of a Garden, incorporates the different scenery that he had a witness, alongside the natural light that occurred. The artist is well known for his use of bright colours, illustrating the natural setting area around him.

During the time, the artist had travelled to the countryside to stay by the lake in a little cabin and explore the natural presence of his environment. He began every morning at 6 AM as he wandered the deep forest, meadows, and lakes around him. This stage within the artist life highly influenced a number of his pieces, as he incorporated the beauty of nature all around him. The painting uses small sponge like brushstrokes in order to showcase each and every single leaves and grass within the paining.

Within the paining, Landscape of a Garden, the viewer is able to witness a beautiful garden covered in an array of fruit trees and flowers. At the beginning of the painting in near the bottom left corner of the piece, a field of red poppies are seen, seizing the attention of the viewer. The garden transformed as it is overtaken by an immense number of different colour blossoms, green apple trees, and lush bushes.

The garden transforms into a wide meadow as it flows into the horizon of the piece. The artist had a used linear brushstrokes heading into a vertical direction in order to create the illusion of a long piece within the landscape. The artist did not want the piece to seeing flat, using vertical brushstrokes allows for the piece to seem as if it spreads into the distance.

Upon entering the stage and the artist life, or he focussed on garden landscape paintings; the artist has decided to use bright green colour schemes to showcase the land. Wide arrays of greens are used within the painting to illustrate the different forms of vegetation within the piece. The viewer is able to witness a small glimpse of the sky, covered in a light yellow shade of gray.

Whereas, the artist usual paintings incorporate shades of blue to contour the vegetation, the piece focuses on different shades of green to illustrate this contrast. The emotion the viewer feels upon looking at the piece is a warm joyful feeling, as they witness the landscape. The bright colour painting is a part of the artist collection of work that accentuate the beautiful countryside of Austria. It is believed by historians that as the artist painted natural scenery, it allowed him to feel pleasant emotions without creating dark paintings that carry a melancholic feel.