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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Lying Girl Nude on her Back

Gustav Klimt's compilation of sketches illustrates the artist impeccable technique in all forms of art. The pencil on paper sketch, Lying Girl Nude on Her Back, manifests a calm approach at the alluring sketch of a nude woman. While Gustav Klimt is known for his realist portraits, art nouveau gold phase, and impressionist landscape paintings, the classic sketches illustrate his immense technique that is able to cover an array of styles.

The sketch showcases the artist immense technique as he uses an array of lines, shapes and curves to showcase a story. Klimt lightly shades and highlights areas to illustrate light and darkness throughout the piece, adding depth to the woman's body. The viewer is able to witness a nude woman gently lying on her back with her face looking forward with her eyes closed.

The piece holds an impeccable calmness to it, as the woman gently relaxes in her natural form, with her head arched backwards. The woman gently placed her arm across her bare chest in between her breasts, feeling her soft skin against her warm body. The artist illustrates the woman incredibly skinny, as her stomach is pressed inwards, and her right rip bone is stone popping out.

Where as within most of Gustav Klimt's work illustrating woman, Lying Girl Nude on Her Back, does not focus on the natural curves and caverns of the female body. The artist showcases the woman's bare body in a skinny form, with no curves within her hip. The woman's thin legs flow forwards, gently bent at the knees. The artist illustrates a curve beneath the womanÕs legs, to illustrate structure within the piece to obtain a realist approach. The overall emotion held within the drawing is through the calm presence of the woman, seizing the beauty of her nude body as she relaxes.

Gustav Klimt had encountered an array of criticism within the 19th and 20th century through his work, depicting his drawings and paintings as overly sexual and pornographic.

The compilations of Klimt's sketches focus on the primary theme of the woman's nude body. The primary belief behind why Klimt desired to paint these naked structures were due to his fascination for body shape. The artistÕs most popular work was based on paintings were he portrayed a female, as their form seized him. The curving body shape, flow of the skin and soft textured tone fascinated the painter, adding a sense of purity towards his work.

The other idea behind why Klimt's sketchbook was filled by these nude drawings is that the artist continuously studied the form of the muse his work was based upon. It is difficult to illustrate the exact details of a human, more so of one of the opposite sex that you are not used to. These in-depth studies are a classic form of art, illustrating the artistÕs array of skills in many styles. The meticulous technique the artist developed throughout his work had showcased every detail immensely.